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Serving New England Since 2005

Since 2005, AVS has been providing a variety of services to its Clients in Southern New Hampshire. In 2019, AVS was excited to add Asset Verification to our conglomeration of services.

Our Clients

Some of our preferred custmers are: Maintenance Companies, Banks, Weathy Individuals, Reposession (repo) Agents, Auction Houses, Car Collectors and Dealerships.

AVS can provide you a verification, photo portfolio and test drive of your new, potential purchase. Avoid scams and deceiving ads, while having piece of mind that you are buying from a trustworthy seller. There are very few options to protect your online purchase, and we are happy to be available in this capacity.

Maintenance Companies

Our best customers are Maintenance companies, who typically hire us for rental and abandoned property inspections.


When a bank aquires an asset from a repo, often times there are no dealerships involved to report on the asset. We assist banks and repo agents to verify condition and location of deliquent assets.

Wealthy Individuals

Many expensive cars, boats and collectables are now being sold online. If you buy from a private party, how do you know the item is real, and in good condition? We are available to verify your next purchase, for piece of mind that the ad is accurate, and not a scam.


Sports Cars



New England Asset Verification Services is your premier 3rd party verification specialist in Greater New England.

When you need eyes on your next online purchase in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont – hire AVS for your on-site inspections and verifications.

We can be present during a test drive of your potential purchase. AVS highly recommends adding our test drive service to most of our verification reports. Even firearms can be “tested” for working order. We can also be hired to watch and video your asset, as it is being loaded on a carrier. Often times, this is when transport damage occurs.

We hired AVS to inspect an abandoned property that we wanted to acquire. AVS provided over 100 photos of the grounds, and close ups photos of areas that needed repair, as well as a detailed report of the condition. We were impressed with small details that were included in the report, including furnace temperature and amount of fuel. We did not need to send AVS back for an item that was missed, and that is very rare for our requirements. I would highly suggest AVS services, when you need a comprehensive private inspection. Honestly, we could not find anyone else to call. Thank you AVS!

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